Self introduction

Hello! I am Tsun-yau Ong (a.k.a. Jun-yao Wang in Mandarin Chinese or Eugene Ong/Wang as common English name) from Tainan City, Taiwan. I am currently a university student studying Taiwanese Literature.

I am often interested in many topics, such as social issues, linguistics, etc. If you have the same interest as me and would like to discuss, welcome to contact me via Email so that we can have some chat.

Basic information
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Language proficiency
First language:
Mandarin Chinese

Important L2s (second languages):
Taiwanese Hokkien, Cantonese

Taiwanese Hakka (Southern Si-yen Accent), English
Taiwanese Hokkien
English teaching
Microsoft Excel
Being lazy

Aug. 2020 - Jan. 2021

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLLD),
National Cheng Kung University
Teaching Assistant

Duties: Processing course-related files, contacting students and volunteers, maintaining class order

As a sophomore at that time, it made me feel special for having a chance to become a teaching assistant for a general education course. Although there were many obstacles and challenges, after a semester, I felt that I learned something more about Taiwanese, and my word processing abilities have also improved, so this became my another unforgettable experience.

Jan. 2021 - Feb. 2021
Apr. 2020 - Aug. 2020

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLLD),
National Cheng Kung University
Part-time Research Assistant

Duties: Annotating documents, organizing related data.

I was studying a course about linguistics at FLLD in the second semester of my freshman year. At that time, I discovered that I had an increasing extent of interest in linguistic stuidies, so I accepted the professor's invitation and participated in her research program. During the program, I started to know the processes of revitalizing languages in other countries, which gave me many inspirations. I wasn't able to continue this work due to busy schoolwork, but I believe that I can have further researches and investigations in the foreseeable future.

May 2019 - Jun. 2019

Kingsfield Engineering Limited
Summer Intern

Trainings received: Basic Training in AutoCAD Drafting, IT Technical Training

This was the first internship in my life. I was expected to learn stuffs related to CAD (computer-aided design), but I got a chance some time later transferring to the IT support department that I was more interested in. I would like to appreciate my boss and colleagues, who were kind and funny, for guiding me to learn and improve pratical computer techniques (e.g. hardware installation, system optimizations). It was certainly an unforgettable experience at Kingsfield.


2019 - Present

Bachelor's degree
Department of Taiwanese Literature (TWL)
Double major in: Foreign Languages and Literature (FLL)
Minor in: History (HIS)

National Cheng Kung University

Within a short first semester of the freshman year, I met many nice classmates, and felt that many courses at the Dept. of TWL suit me. I am currently taking Teacher Education Program, a double major and a minor. Certainly, there are lots of assignments and reports to do, but I surely like this kind of challenging life.

2013 - 2019

Secondary Education
Computer Forensic Technology, "Business, Accounting and Financial Studies", "Information and Communication Technology"

Queen's College (Hong Kong)

Finished secondary education in Hong Kong, studied Economics (dropped in Form 5 (11th grade) and replaced with Computer Forensic Technology), "Business, Accounting and Financial Studies" and "Information and Communication Technology". Although my results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) 2019 were not satisfactory, I still treasure those years of time spent with my schoolmates and friends, and appreciate my alma mater for its kind education.